Embark on Your Bespoke Adventure

The Spark of Creation: Welcome to IAC Galleria, where your jewelry dreams begin to take shape. Initiate your bespoke journey with our design request form or connect with us directly via WhatsApp for a personal touch. Our expert team will immerse themselves in your vision, providing a scaled sketch for preliminary visualisation and adjustments. We ensure transparency with an initial estimate, and offer detailed CAD images for a closer look at your future masterpiece.

The Art of Crafting: Revel in the creation of a wax mould, the first physical manifestation of your piece, and select gemstones with our guidance to add brilliance to your design. With every detail tailored to your taste, we then present an exact quote. Our artisans begin the alchemy of casting, using only the finest metals to bring your bespoke design from a detailed wax model to a stunning piece of jewelry, crafted with unmatched precision.

The Finale of Excellence: The journey concludes with the unveiling of your custom piece, perfected through rigorous quality checks and ready to be a part of your personal collection. IAC Galleria is dedicated to exceeding your expectations, delivering a unique piece that celebrates your individuality. Trust in our commitment to exceptional service, as we create not just jewelry, but a legacy for you to wear and appreciate for years to come.